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Lindsay Buchanan LAc

As a healer and a practitioner, I delight in partnering with patients to find a greater sense of wellness in life. I have found, that regular acupuncture, practiced as a preventative medicine can help us to trust live in our bodies in a joyful way. In our modern lives, acupuncture helps us to be more aware of our bodies, and we find more sustainable health too. I have been practicing acupuncture for 11 years, and I still am amazed every day with the power of Chinese medicine.

I first became interested in acupuncture once I knew there was such a thing as “alternative medicine”. I was in a yoga class, which consisted of a room full of healers. I was amazed and thrilled that there was a way to view a human being in their totality and start from there, instead of looking solely at one system at a time. Certainly it’s all connected, right…

I specialize in treating the individual in a connected, safe and comfortable setting. My goal is to make my clients feel comfortable and to co-create realistic and positive goals. I want to allow my patients’ healthcare to be in their own hands. I empower each person to know their own bodies to better live in a sustainable and connected way. When we experience sensations in our body that are uncomfortable, there is sometimes a tendency to mask or ignore, or turn away from the messages of our body. I strive to change this phenomenon. I want to increase the awareness and possibility of using our bodies to teach us, as they have innate wisdom. By having acupuncture, I can help translate and decode what your body truly wants to communicate. Vibrant health results when one is courageous enough to show up and listen. I enjoy supplementing 5-Element acupuncture treatment with vitamins, herbs and energy work. I work with each patient to make realistic goals when suggesting lifestyle changes to aid in their health and wellness. I find health and wellness to be different, but complementary and attainable aspects of our lives. You can surely have one without the other. I define health as the overall function of your body and it’s systems. Wellness is how we relate to the world and how we also relate to ourselves and our physical symptoms. It is possible to be unhealthy and be well. We can still find peace of mind and serenity even if we are struggling with physical symptoms. I believe that we are not supposed to feel 100% healthy all the time, but we do have the opportunity to be well about 99% of the time. The good news is that acupuncture helps increase health and wellness and the interchange between the two.

I have been practicing acupuncture since 2004 when I graduated with my Master’s degree from The Traditional Acupuncture Institute (TAI Sophia) in Maryland. I am an Oregon Licensed Acupuncturist, in addition to a Diplomate of Acupuncture from The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture. Previous to my study of Chinese Medicine, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I have studied herbal medicine at The Elderberry School. I am also about to complete 5 years of energy work and healing from Colette Gardiner in the Blue Iris Mystery School.

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