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Shonishin- Pediatric Acupuncture

Shonishin is a gentle style of acupuncture for infants and children. Shonishin literally means “sho” little, “ni”  children, “shin” needle. Although needles and tools are used, it is typically a non-insertive treatment where the needle does not break the skin. 

What can Shonishin help with? 

Shonishin can help with a wide range of childhood health problems, whether physical or emotional. The list below offers some examples. 

• Allergies

• Asthma

• Chronic ear infections


• Night terrors

• Digestive problems

• Bedwetting

• Failure to thrive


What can I expect in a treatment?

The practitioner will interview the parent and child to gather more information about the child’s health concerns. After the child becomes more accustomed to the practitioner and the treatment room, the provider will start treatment. Small handheld tools are used by the practitioner to rhythmically tap stroke and press the skin to produce gentle stimulation, which will help restore natural balance and health. A shonishin intake and treatment lasts usually between 15-30 minutes. To see and experience the benefits from shonishin, it is best to have your child receive treatment a few times a week until symptoms resolve.