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CranioSacral Treatment

You lie on a comfortable massage table, fully clothed, cocooned with supportive pillows and a warm blanket. Your therapist gently holds various points on your body — your feet, hips, ribs, back, and head — moving her hands with your body's own unique cues and rhythms. You drift off into a soothing relaxation, and perhaps do not notice that time is passing until you are gently awakened at the end of your session. Time has shifted, and so has your body. You slowly come to sitting, allowing the treatment to settle. Thoughts are more clear, stresses have melted away, aches and pains are less intense, and you feel more balanced than previously.  

CranioSacral treatment helps alleviate a wide range of ailments by relieving pressure on the brain and spinal cord. Using a light touch, a practitioner detects restrictions and imbalances in the membranes and fluid surrounding the central nervous system. Gentle manual techniques then release those problem areas. Developed by an osteopathic physician and researcher, CranioSacral treatment has alleviated pain, fatigue, emotional difficulties, learning disabilities, motor coordination impairments, and more.