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Biotherapeutic Drainage

Your diet is impeccable. You exercise regularly. You make sure to get enough sleep each night.  But still, your health feels "off."  Energy could be better, for more clarity and that heightened sense of well being.  What's the problem? Your cells are healthy, yes! BUT the extracellular matrix is bogged down and congested with the stresses and toxic patterns of day-to-day life.  Biotherapeutic drainage is a unique modality that supports the body to "detox" on a cellular level, clearing out the clutter that inhibits optimal cell to cell communication.  It clears out the "interference" and all the white noise that prevents you from achieving that heightened sense of well being.  The remedies used are specific to you and your unique needs.  For most individuals, your prescription changes month-to-month as you progress and re-establish healthy communication on a cellular level.  Following such protocols takes you on a journey where you body reaches a place of renewed efficacy and gets you closer to perfect health.