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Megan Rose, L.Ac.

Megan is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner who focuses on chronic conditions and mental and emotional health. She also has a special interest in post-partum care. Chronic pain, exhaustion and health problems increase stress and therefore create a perpetually declining condition. Chinese Medicine can help break the cycle. Megan utilizes five-element and classical style acupuncture, herbal formulas, diet, and nutritional supplements to shift body and mind into healthier patterns. She strives to assist her clients in creating clarity and ease to help them on their path to wellness.

Women who have recently given birth are considered blood deficient in Chinese Medicine. This can leave one feeling low energy, anxious or depressed. Proper treatment in the form of acupuncture and herbs can ease this transitional time and help women restore their vital energy to be able to be their best for themselves and their baby. This period of time is often overlooked and can result in a chronically deficient state. No matter how long ago a woman gave birth, replenishing with postpartum treatments can turn things around. Megan is also available for placenta encapsulation. Placenta has been used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine to nourish extreme deficiency. A woman’s own placenta has hormones and nutrients specific to her own healing. The most common benefits are increased milk supply and decreased postpartum anxiety and depression. Contact Megan for more information: